Transformative Worship Services for All

Worship Services and Spiritual Gatherings

Join us at Grace Cathedral Ministries for inclusive worship services that meet your spiritual needs. Grow in faith with our diverse congregation.

Transformative Sunday Worship Experience

Experience uplifting worship and a loving community every Sunday. Come as you are and leave renewed.

Deep Dive Bible Study

Engage in Bible study to deepen faith and gain spiritual insights.

Empowering Youth Through Faith

Empowering youth to be strong disciples of Christ through engaging programs.

Transforming Lives Through Faith and Service

Discover the impact of Grace Cathedral Ministries – a beacon of hope, spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ and serving our community.


Years of Service

Serving Phoenix for 35 years, providing spiritual guidance and support.


Thriving Community of Believers

A diverse community of 500+ members, welcoming and inclusive.


Community Outreach Initiatives

Engaging community, addressing issues, promoting change – through 10 outreach programs.


Join Our Dedicated Volunteers

Our team of 100+ volunteers supports church activities, events, and initiatives.

Life-changing experience. Jesus’ teachings resonate deeply. Love and fellowship found here.


Business Owner

Discover Divine Enlightenment and Community Fellowship

Experience the transformative power of faith and join our vibrant community at Grace Cathedral Ministries. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.